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    Is it possible to re-assign a lead in a flow step after the Marketo and CRM sync has occured.

      Here is an example scenario of a problem that I am encountering and wondering if anyone has suggestions:

      1. John Smith comes to our website and fills out a form with his basic information (first name, last name, email)
      2. John Smith gets synced to our Salesforce and gets assigned to Inside Sales
      3. The next day John Smith comes back to our website and fills out a progresssive profile form and we capture his company's employee and revenue range. Because the ranges that he provided fit within the ideal prospect of our company, we want to mark the lead as SQL and reassign John Smith to an outside rep.
      4. Is it possible to re-assign John Smith thru a flow step in Marketo after the lead has already been created and assigned intially? All my assignment rules in SFDC work, but I cannot seem to get Marketo to reassign the lead twice.

      Anyone have any suggestions? Attached are some pictures that show my Marketo Logic.

      Thanks - Taylor