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    Export lists as xls files

    Cecile Maindron

      Is it possible to export lists as xls files? It seems that I can only export as .csv files (, instead of ;).

      Cécile @ Talend
        • Re: Export lists as xls files
          Lists are exported as CSV, a format readable by any spreadsheet (not just MS-Excel), all data loaders such as Oracle and SFDC.

          CSV can be easily read and updated through plain text editors such as MS-Windows Notepad, Mac TextEdit and Unix-like vi /emacs.

          I would suggest to post as a new "Idea".
          It can even make the way for two formats: XLS and XML.

          Side note: Talend Open Studio for Data Integration would exceed your ETL requirements while the feature is not implemented.
          (not intended to be a commercial ad!vert... it may be available few desks away)