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    Lead Form Update in Design Studio

      If I move a lead form to the Design Studio from Marketing Activities will it automatically be updated in all the landing pages that are using the form? These landing pages are residing in Marketing Activities. Thank you!
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          As long as you are just moving the form, none of the landing pages should change... they will all still be based off of that form.
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            Thanks Kim! If I make a change to a form and I'd like to affect all the landing pages that use the form, how can I do that? Do I need the actual landing pages in design studio for mass changes to take place everytime I make a change?

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                   Any asset which is created in Marketing Activities should already be in Design Studio.

                   The form is technically a separate asset from the landing page, so making a change to a form anywhere should affect the landing pages that use it. HOWEVER, editing the form will create drafts on those landing pages. You'll have to find the associated landing pages and approve their drafts for the change to take effect.

                   It's worth noting that changes made in Design Studio can take a minute or two to translate over to Marketing Activities, so if there don't appear to be drafts created in Marketing Activities, just give it a minute and then refresh the page. If you look at your landing pages in Design Studio, it will show which ones need approval and which are already approved. Look for the yellow "!" off to the right side:


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                We recently made a change to our forms and we are now using global forms so when we make a change to a form it will change all of them.  After we made the change to our form that we needed to make we clicked on the Landing Pages in the Design Studio and selected them all simultaneously that have the specific form that is being used and approved them all at once. The last time we did this we noticed that information within our Email campaigns was completely wiped out when we updated the landing pages that contained the form.  The headers were still in tact, but the body of the emails were gone and since there isn't any way to undo what you just did the ones that were queued up had to be re-created.  What would have caused this to happen?  Did we go about do this the wrong way?