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    Syncing Email Templates to Salesforce

      Hi all,

      I'm still pretty new to Marketo and to Salesforce, and I just realized that some of my Marketo emails have been syncing over to Salesforce as HTML templates. It's only a handful though. Any idea why only some are syncing over?

      As a part 2 to this, I would like to create a template for our telemarketers to use for call follow-up. How do I get the email I create in Marketo to sync over to Salesforce? Also, will lead tokens like lead first name sync over and work the same in Salesforce?

      Would really appreciate some insight, thank you in advance!
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          Hi Allison,

          Some templates are probably syncing over because you have the "Publish to Marketo Sales Insight" box checked in the email settings. 

          To sync over a email to Saleforce you can check the "Publish to Marketo Sales Insight" box in the email settings.

          Yes you can use lead tokens but there are some exceptions:

          1. Tokens don't work in email sent using the Sales Insight Outlook plugin. 
          2. My Tokens, which are program tokens, do not work.
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            If the HTML templates that you are seeing have multiple occurences of the same subject, but end in a different number in parenthesis, this is a result of your team sending a Sales Insight email and it being logged.  The templates are how Marketo stores the sent email in SFDC, so that you can click the link to it in the Sent Sales Email Task and view the email.  You will soon have thousands of these in your SFDC instance.
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              I'm having this same experience, but the emails that have synced over to my HTML templates are not published to Sales Insight.

              I've tried publishing the email I want to sync over to Sales Insight, and it is appearing within the lead record/Marketo Sales Insight, but not in the Salesforce Email Templates folder.