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Anyone have email template best practices?

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by 7595
I'm looking for some input from this community on any best practices when it comes to email template design.  I'm mainly concerned with a scalable approach in a distributed environment.  We already are focusing on simplifying our templates so that they are very focused and contain a minimal amout of content.  For example, we want to minimize the number of editable areas but at the same time, provide enough flexibility so that the proper formatting can be included within those editable regions.  Let's take take the main body copy as an example.  Within that body copy will be regular text, bulleted items (sometimes) and sub-headings.  How would one format the sub-headings with our defined styleguide since there's no option from the HTML editor toolbar like there is for landing pages?  On the landing pages, we would use CSS for H1, H2, etc.  Would love to hear your thoughts.