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    From vs No Reply

       We are sending out a maintenance upgrade email to customers letting them know services will be unavailable for a short time.  We have a Noreply@ email set up but want to use something else to get better response and not have it go in the Spam box.

      I understand we can set up a fake marketing email for the "Out of Office" responses and have that directed to a separate email box.  However, monitoring and cleaning up this email box would be overwhelming for our small team.  We prefer customers use the unsubscribe box or not reply at all.  Is there are recommended way to tell customers not to reply and what do you suggest using in the From and Reply To boxes?
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          While we can specify the reply-to address, IETF technical specifications  RFC-4021 and RFC-822 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4021) do not require that replies go to this address. 
          Whether out of office auto-response messages are sent to the From: address or the Reply-To: address is up to the recipient mail server and is not under Marketo's control. Provided the Reply-To: address is set in the headers correctly, and often it is, it is up to the recipient's server to honour the "reply-to".
          I tend to appreciate when I receive messages expressly advising "do not reply this email as it is not monitored". It may be not the most diplomatic introduction. However it sets expectations right from the outset.
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