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    Munchkin + jQuery + Prototype aren't playing nice together

      Hey JS Gurus,

      I am trying to implement the munchkin associateLead function on a third-party SaaS's login page (Blackboard's LMS if you cared to know).  I am only allowed to put any JS code at the bottom of the page where normally just the Google Analytics JS would go.

      So I have a code block that will load jQuery and then dynamically load munchkin and once all of that is done, I clear the _mkto_trk and fire the init.  All this is working well.  

      The problem is when I want to use the Munchkin associateLead bound to the login page's submit event.  So all that works EXECPT the mktoMunchkinFunction('associateLead', json , hash); function that throws an "Caught Exception TypeError undefined"  inside the Prototype JS library as the top of the stacktrace which looks a lot like a Prototype/Munchkin conflict

      Here is the data
      { Email: 'hollebe1@algonquincollege.com' }

      and the exception  Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined somewhere deep inside the Prototype library, 


      After having a look in the community I found this article which seems to be the same issue

           JavaScript Errors - Munchkin Conflict

      The article suggests moving Munchkin to the head but in this case it is a third-party product and my admin is not particularly comfortable, nor does he have access, in changing the vendor's login page. 

      I also followed this one

           associateLead is not creating leads. How can I debug it?

      So I tried Erik Rehn's version of the munchkin beta that removed the dependency on jQuery.  That might work but now I am running into a Marketo server restriction on the Same Origin policy.  See the following article:

      Munchkin support for jquery > 1.8.3

      And now I get the error below on munchkin execute, which I think this means that Marketo's receiving server does not have the header set for Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

      XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://400-dky-698.mktoresp.com/webevents/visitWebPage?_mchNc=1376426539678…http%3A%2F%2Fbbehtest.algonquincollege.com%2Fblackboard_login.html&_mchQp=. Origin http://bbehtest.algonquincollege.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin

      The munchkin beta might be causing this and it could be a red herring, but I don't think so as the browser is trying to make the call but is blocked.  

      It could be that I would have receive this error using the standard munchkin anyways and the Prototype error is masking this one but have I no way to tell.

      BTW: bbehtest.algonquincollege.com is just my test server on my laptop but I am on the corporate network

      So I am a bit stuck. Anyone have any insights?