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    Scoring within Programs

      To All Marketos:

      I would like to use Marketo Scoring for prospect or lead qualifications not Globally, but locally-  Scoring applicable for the theater programs ( EMEA or APAC or Americas)  or just programs (webinars, case study etc) where scoring threshholds are different. How can I do that and if there any samples you can share?

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          Josh Hill
          You should be able to do that by setting up separate lists and Scoring Programs for each type of lead. Each campaign will have to use smart lists that are based on country.

          Once you setup the smart lists by country, you can then run the scoring campaigns independently.
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            Are you looking to use the same scoring model with different thresholds, or entirely different scoring for activities?  If you're not certain, I'd recommend isolating only the threshold or the model but not both, as it will be simpler to maintain.

            If your scoring is global and your thresholds are local, typically you'd see specific campaigns where the thresholds are the trigger criteria, and you'll have one of these for each segment.  If you add in the RCA complexity you may need separate models for each segment.