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    sharing templates across workspaces

      Hi All,

      We use workspaces in our Marketo instance.  Until last month, each workspace used different style landing page and email templates.  We now are using the same design for all our marketing assets.

      My question is this.  Do you see any issues with creating the new landing page and email templates in a general workspace and then sharing them with all the other workspaces?  This way, we will have 5-8 templates to manage vs 40-50.  

      I want to make sure that this will not affect reporting and our ability to make updates and tweaks to landing pages such adding new social icons, updating the copyrights, or adjusting for different browsers.

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          Templates should not affect your reporting.  Where you will find issues is in how the templates are specifically designed: if templates forked in different workspaces, you may have issues with naming of sections or in the use of variables.  This isn't typical, but you'll especially see it when different workspaces had different sources of templates, ie separate designers for each group.
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            Hi Steven,

            Thanks for your response.  Right now, we just have one designer who focuses on Marketo, so I'm hoping that this will be easier for him to maintain. It will be a pain to clone all our landing pages so we can apply the new template, but I am hoping that this will make it easier to update in the future.