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    Review of form submission prior to actually submitting?

           Does anyone know if we can create a "confirmation page" after a contact fills out a form but it doesn't fully push it as a submission?  For example, our Japanese team has let us know that they would like the following flow:
           - Web form
           - "Confirmation Page" in which it shows the fields that were submitted, with a final "Submit" button
           - Final Confirmation page (and then and only then will it count as a submission)

           Any guidance will be helpful, thank you!

        • Re: Review of form submission prior to actually submitting?
          Can you? Certainly. Make three pages. Registration > Confirmation > Thank you. Create a form, disable progressive profiling. Add the same form to Registration & Confirmation page. The data will technically have to submit on the registration page, but you can show them the confirmation page for 'peace of mind'  and they can hit submit a 2nd time.

          As a user I would find this practice annoying. I just typed my info, i don't need to confirm it.