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    How to redirect active non-Marketo landing pages to Marketo?

    Dan Stevens
      Prior to Marketo, we used (and continue to use) another marketing automation platform (until we're fully deployed on Marketo).  We are in the process of migrating everything over to Marketo.  There are still some active landing pages that will require us to redirect the URL to the ones we will create in Marketo.  It's using a different sub-domain/CNAME than what we have setup in Marketo. My thought was to have our IT team modify the DNS/CNAME for the other sub-domain so that it points to our Marketo environment (similar to how we have setup our sub-domain for our current landing pages  and use the redirect tool in the admin area to redirect any active URL to a Marketo landing page.  But when I modify the value in the field below to “forms.avanade.com”, it switches back to “pages.avanade.com” (this is our CNAME in Marketo) when I leave the field:


      How do we go about using this tool to support other sub-domains?