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    Trigger Emails on Smart Lists?

      We have a SOAP API integration with a form on our website. The integrated form sends leads that fill out the form to a smart list I've created. 

      When they are entered into that Smart List, I'd like to send them an instant triggered email. The problem is, I can't. I can send a triggered email to members of a static list, but that doesn't help me. The only work arounds I can think of are:

      1.) Can I instantly feed leads form a smart list into a static list? Doing so would allow me to create a trigger based on that static list.

      2.) Is there a way to create a triggered email for a smart list? As of now, I can only send out emails daily, not instantly when they populate the smart list. That's an issue.

      Any help here is appreciated.
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          I would send to a static list. Fills out form > add to list and send email.

          Just set up a local asset- list in the program to catch these leads.
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            But if you already have a smart list of names you want to transfer over to the static list just... select all and under list actions you'll find add to list...
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              Thanks for the info Kim, but I'm not sure either of those fix my problems.

              As to your first post, I believe the "Fills out form" is used exclusively for Marketo forms. This form is not a Marketo form, but a form created by our engineers on our website. We have to use our SOAP API integration to bring leads over from that form. If the "fills out form" can be used for non-marketo forms, please correct me!

              Regarding your second post, it essentially defeats the purpose of doing a "trigger campaign". If I need to manually transfer leads from a smart list to a static list, than that is no longer a "triggered campaign" and would not send emails when a lead is added to the list.
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                Ross, you're right. I just assumed it was a MKTO form. Sorry about that. And as per my second response I was just giving you a way to have them all in one spot if you could use the static list. Obviously if you hadn't already sent an email you'd have to add that step in too.

                Hope someone else has an answer to this being it's not a Marketo form!
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                  One option is defining a triggered campaign based on Visits Web Page (such as the form's follow up page) or Data Value Changes (one of the values in the form, including hidden fields) where the source (constraint) is Web Services API. The flow can have Send Email and Add to List (static list name) among others.

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                    If you have these leads coming through a SOAP API, you could try to create a campaign where the segmentation is 'Lead Is created (trigger)' and add the source constraint as "Web service API, Web service API - Import to list" and then add another filter where they're a member of the smart list. I don't see a trigger campaign for 'added to smart list' yet. I hope this gives you another option!

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                      Kenneth Elkington
                      Hey Ross,

                      You can use a "Lead is Created, Source is Web Service API" with a "Data Value Changes, Source is Web Service API."  This would pick up both newly created and existing leads.  To make sure the DVC always triggers, you should use a dummy field that you fill with the syncLead call, and empty with a Change Data Value in the campaign.   You could also optionally use a requestCampaign call after the syncLead call, but you introduce a little more overhead that way.
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                        DJ Monzyk
                        This is exactly the answer I was looking for, but I dont see in the interface where I can choose "Data Value Changes, Souce is the Web Service API" in a smartlist configuration.  What am i missing here?