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Use 2 different forms for the same landing page and display only 1 according to presence of visitor in my database

Question asked by 1bf3329abac934fdc17ca92f8c9ac621ce860aec on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Josee Archer

I want to use the progressive profiling for my pages where we offer a doc as a download.

2 type of visitors can visit this kind of page:
- group 1: people not in our database - I just want to ask them very few questions (i.e. name, company and email)
- group 2: user already in my database > I want to enrich their profile with additonal questions (hence, a new form?)

Since I need to use 1 single page for 1 document, I'd like to know if we can choose which form should be displayed (based on the fact that marketo recognizes - or not -  if the user is already a member of my database).

I tried to look into the help article/discussion but couldn’t find any relevant content... I’m not a tech IT guy and not sure if it is related to dynamic content

Any idea how we could do that?