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Triggering a Time Zone Queue Using Request Campaign

Question asked by 34525 on Jul 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2013 by 34525
I am trying to setup a campaign that sends emails accoring to a timezone schedule. I have built all the child campaigns that group countries by time zone, and have built out the schedule for the sends in the parent (traffic cop) campaign.  I was expecting to just be able to activate the parent and be off at the races, but Marketo wouldn't allow me to activate the parent campaign w/o adding a filter. Thing is, I don't need a filter (all filtering and list building happends at the child campaign level).  

As a workaround I added the smart list criteria to the parent (e.g., member of list = child campaign list) but this seems to be causing unnecessary system processing. Has anyone figured out a way to activate a parent campaign w/ a less resource intensive smart list qualification?