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    Mulitple personalised sign-offs for concurrent campaigns

      Hi Rock Stars,

      Does anyone have suggestions on how we can manage multiple sender names for concurrent campaigns?

      Within our firm, a contact/client can be "owned" by multiple practitioners and therefore we have a requirement to be able to personalise the invitation or thought leadership from the relevant practitioner. (We don't just have one Account Director that sends all communiques).

      So if we import a static list with a different sender name, Marketo will over-ride and this can impact live campaigns - especially Events where there are follow-up reminders etc...

      Does anyone have any suggestions outside of creating multiple sign-off fields and managing this in an Excel spreadsheet?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Tokens such as {{lead.Lead Owner}} could be an option unless the sender has nothing to do with lead/account ownership in the CRM system.
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            Josh Hill
            It depends greatly on how you've setup the Lead Owner on SFDC or in Marketo. 

            If you have one owner, then bgomes is right, that handles it. But you have multiple "owners" and it depends on how those fields are setup. So if you have Lead Owner (top owner in SFDC) and sub-owners, like Lead Owner 2, Lead Owner 3, then that is ok. But Marketo will only know which one you want when you explicitly tell it.

            If you need to manage this for specific content, you might also take advantage of Dynamic Content, creating separate signatures for separate Owner segments. That'd be a big project though and many not work well.

            Can you tell us more about how the owners are setup?
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                   You can also use snippets. Create a single snippet with signature for everyone. You can use segments, like Josh suggested, on snippets too. The only thing you would have to do is add the snippet to your email footer and never worry about it again.

                   Segments you could use:
                   - Industry, when you have marketers or account managers or business units with specific industries.
                   - country (or state), when you want a different signature per region (e.g. different office address details).
                   - language, when you want the signature in the preferred language of the lead.

                   You could also look into lead owner vs account owner.

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                Thanks all for your responses!

                For some clarification and better understanding of the constraints we are working with:
                •           We do not have SFDC as our CRM - its an in-house CRM platform, which currently does not integrate with Marketo (sigh)
                •           A contact in our CRM has a single Contact Owner, but multiple 'known-bys', so depending on the campaign, either the Contact Owner or Known By will be the designated sender name
                •           As the CRM and Marketo platforms do not integrate, we are currently importing static lists
                I like the idea of snippets, so will need to test this as we havent used this functionality before.
                @Diederik, re lead owner vs account owner - are you suggesting mulitple fields?

                Please keep sharing any other ideas! As we'll have to test and work out a solid solution for us!


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                  With Salesforce, you'd typically have fields for lead owner and account owner, and you might use these to create two different signatures for your Contact Owner and your Known By.

                  Given your case, using static list imports, you should be able to import the Known Bys into unique fields.  You'll still need to choose which field to use for each email you send, but you won't need to manually customize it for every sales rep.