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    Reporting - Unique Web Visitors

      My boss just asked me to pull a list of unique web visitors for this month. I was wondering what is the easiest way to accomplish this?

      I'm not sure if he just wants to know the number or their names. And I'm not sure why it needs to come from Marketo rather than Google Analytics, however, any advice would be appreciated!
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               I would think a simple smart list could get you the count and/or list:

               Smart list:

               Use Advanced Filters 1 AND (2 OR 3)

               1. Visited web page: Is Any;
                   Date of Activity: Between (list your dates) 

               2. Is anonymous: True

               3. Is anonymous: False

               If you omit the two Anonymous filters, you'll only get known leads that have been tagged (visited a web page or clicked on a link in a Marketo email).

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            Michelle Tiziani
            Hi Emily,

            I do what what Steve does above except for #2 and #3.  On the set up, I make the anonymous visitors from ISPs hidden, and I exclude the people from my company.  I view both reports because for google analytics, I set up goals and track visits to specific pages and see if we're getting any conversions.  On the Marketo side, I look at who visited specific pages, what referred them to the page and if they visited specific pages I'm tracking, and if they converted. I like this Marketo report because I can see the names and companies visiting our website. 

            It's always good to be able to interpret your findings to your boss and track trends and correlations especially if you're not sure why they're asking for something from analytics reports.