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Deploying a Social App to my website using the embed code

Question asked by 2423 on Jul 24, 2013
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If I've created a social app within Marketo (say for a whitepaper I've just launched) and for app URL I say the "Referring page", and I want to put that app on my website, will the URL be the page on my website?

I create the social App "New Whitepaper" to distribute via social networks (FB, Twitter, LI).
I select "Referring Page" for the URL
The app is on the landing page I've created in Marketo for the WP where my form is  (e.g.
If I want to put the app on the thank you page on my website where the pdf is (e.g. - will the URL presented by the app be the landing page or the thank you page?

(FYI - this could be made much clearer in the deep dive documents on this topic in the knowledge base)