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    Content Hub microsite tied to Marketo assets

      Good afternoon

      We're in the process of building a content resource microsite where additional engagement will occur with our prospects. We're also building nurturing streams for outbound engagement. We expect to build interactions between the microsite and Marketo so that actions on the microsite feed into Marketo.

      Has anyone done something similar and might you be wiling to share what worked and what didn't?


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          I'm still in development, but I'm trying to integrate Marketo with other online service using WebHooks and SOAP APIs. I'm trying to use WebHooks and SOAP API to gather information from other sites collection user information (i.e. those requiring signup) and trying to feed Marketo data to analysis system using SOAP API.

          The most problem I'm having is limitation of protocols supported by Marketo when I want to push data into it.
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            I wish I were able to offer more advice, but I can't. Better content-management and tracking integration w/Marketo has been a sticking point for us, but I would be interested to see how others have resolved this.