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    Flagged as Unsubscribed

      "When an email is marked as spam, Marketo is notified by this event by the lead's email provider, and Marketo will automatically unsubscribe the lead from your emails by seeting the Unsubscribed flag to true." 

      That's according to a Marketo help article. However when this process occurs, does that translate over to SalesForce? How can we prove that?
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          Hi Tucker,

          Yes, this should translate over to salesforce. The Marketo unsubscribed field should mark the Salesforce "Email Opt Out" field to "true".

          If it's not, I'd look into your field mapping and fix it.
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            Is there a report in Marketo that shows how many opt-outs are due to your emails being marked as SPAM? Having the lead automatically unsubscribed is great, but I want to know exactly how many are attributed to being marked as SPAM.