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    Suggestions for a Sleeves-Rolled-Up Marketo Consultant?

      Bay Area, California.

      We have decided to get an onsite part-time consultant to help configure and optimize our Marketo (Customer for 6 months so far). Any rock star Marketo pros interested? 

      Unfortunatly, we've actually given up on the Marketo consultant team due to their lack of response time and contradicting advice amongst themselves. For us, time is money. We figure we have two options 1) ditch the platform all together once and for all and move towards something more user friendly  2) Get an independent contractor to help us out who has real-life successful experience with Marketo at an actual organization. Any suggestions?  We don't have much budget so cost is a factor. 

      This individual should be a hands-rolled-up consultant (contributer) that is actually doing the configuration within Marketo, not just "telling us what to do". We need someone to evaluate our current configuration and optimize it with our sales model, make suggestions for improvement, and assist with carrying them out.  Evenings and weekends are fine too. 

      1) Lead Scoring Success
      2) Deployment of Best Practices for Pipeline Automation
      3) Funnel Management & Analytics. Is there really no way to view/manage the funnel in Marketo???
      4) Review the configuration for email nurture campaigns and tracking. 


      We are located in San Mateo.