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    Landing page forms, dynamic followup download, and reportibility

    Scott Corbin

      We're setting up one uniform landing page / form with parameters to download various PDFs. We have 50 or so different PDFs and would prefer to have 1 landing page gatekeep them all, rather than making 50 different Programs.

      Parameters are;

        Source = mywebsite.com
        & Segment = Prospect
        & URL = http://mywebsite.com/myRequestedDownload.PDF

      So this link


      takes the user to the form, and once they complete the form and hit download, they are forwarded to the PDF dictated by the originating link.

      Mechanically, we can get this to work with a bit of JavaScript. So, that's great.

      The problem is with reporting  We're struggling with how Marketo can produce a transaction report of everyone who has downloaded the PDF (email from form), when they downloaded it,and which PDF was requested and downloaded; something along the lines of DateStamp, Source, Segment, Email, URL. 

      Anyone have any ideas?
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          Josh Hill
          You will need several reports and possibly some smart lists:

          Email Performance:
          Email Click Performance: filter by link and email.
          Landing Page Performance: page (or look at the page itself).

          Smart List would also show you the Leads themselves;
          •           Email Was Opened
          •           Clicked Link in Email
          •           Visited Landing Page
          •           Filled Out Form  (on Page X)
          •           Visited Page (or maybe Click Link would work best)

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            Perhaps I'm not completely understanding, but your URL=http://mywebsite.com/myRequestedDownload.PDF parameter is the direct link to the resource?  if so, I would consider using an ID number for the resource and resolving it to the URL in the program; otherwise, a lot of people will just go directly to your PDF.

            You can create a smart list using a Fills Out Form filter with with a "Querystring contains URL=xxx", which would have the ID number of the resource(s) you want to generate a list for, but this nor any of the Marketo reports are going to show specifically the date of download, source, segment, etc. 

            If your Marketo is integrated with a CRM, you can add the leads to a specific campaign depending on the download ID# and other parameters.  Your CRM should give you much better reporting capabilities for this.
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              Hey Scott,

              I agree with Elliott here...probably best to do this through CRM reports.  

              Are you using something like Salesforce?  

              We do something very similar for an automotive company who has about 25 different models.  They submit one form while specifying which model brochure they would like to download.  This gets stored in a feild and then drives the follow up page download URL.

              So example would be this:
              Bob goes to site and selects Brochure A
              Fills out the form for Brochure A...hidden field for Brochure A gets populated in field (through a bit of code)
              This field populates a "Click Here to Download Brochure" link following this page.  
              Now they've done this top part through their CMS, but it should be possible with Marketo Landing Pages as well.

              In Marketo what is the most valuable part is assigning the individual to each Brochure Program....tedious?  yes...bit more work to setup?  yes.  But what it eventually does is give you an understanding of that brochure(s) influence on an opportunity being created...which is what you really want to get to in the finale anyways.

              Hope some of the above resonates with what you're trying to achieve.