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    Apply to be a Marketo Champion Today!

      Are you a leader in the Marketo Community, an expert in Marketo products, and an avid contributor in the social world? Then I encouage you to apply to be a part of the upcoming class of Champions! This select group of 25 exceptional customers will receive the following benefits:
      •           Access: Meetings with our product and marketing teams to give exclusive feedback
      •           Previews: Given early previews to products, features, and releases when available
      •           Publicity: Exclusive speaking opportunities at Marketo User Summit and other events
      •           Networking: Special networking events with Marketo executives and fellow Champions and semi-annual conference calls
      •           Credibility: Special Champion badge on Marketo Community profiles, and profiled on Marketo's corporate website
      •           Sweet Swag: Champion-exclusive swag

      “Champion” quality characteristics include:
      •           Expertise – A strong understanding of Marketo and the needs of your fellow users including becoming a Marketo Certified Expert
      •           Responsiveness – Responding regularly to questions and contributing to the collective knowledge of the Community
      •           Leadership – Representing the essence of the Community and bringing the voice of the customer back to Marketo
      •           Evangelism – Being a brand promoter and loyal advocate
      •           Activity – Participating in the Community several times per month, either on community.marketo.com or through other social channels (e.g., blogs, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
      •           Engagement - Representing Marketo at events like Summit, User Group Meetings, and Roadshows.
      To apply click here. The deadline is this Monday, August 12th!