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    Creation of Lists

      My company's product offers the ability for users to collaborate with one another in a Virtual Data Room. In order to collaborate, each member is invited to the room and chooses if he/she would like to join.

      I'd like to programatically create a list that corresponds with the Virtual Data Room being created and joined; however, I understand the SOAP API doesn't support such a use case. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that's needed to programatically create lists and what they've done to overcome this shortcoming of the Marketo API?

      Can anyone help?

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          videojet Marketo
          As far as I know, there isn't any reasonable workaround here. It's more an issue were we just need to build it. We are interested in this, and if you haven't already filing an Idea in the community and/or voting for it will help us prioritize it.
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            I understand it's difficult to answer; however, I'm wondering if this is something being actively discussed by Marketo dev teams. I think there's a work around involving Munchkin but I'm concerned I might one day need this functionality.
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              Jep Castelein
              I would save the name of the meeting room in a custom field. That's a straightforward action using the SOAP API. Populate it with semicolon-separated values in case someone joins multiple meeting rooms. Would that work?