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    Members: Landing page v. Imported List

      I created a landing page which captured X amount of leads, we also held an event around the topic of the landing page and collected leads at the event, we have now imported that list into the program, however the Member tab now has the leads which came in via the landing page and those that we uploaded how do I keep them seperate? So I can tell those members that we've captured via a form and those that we have imported ourselves?

      Thank you!
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          Michelle Tiziani
          I don't know if you can separate them, but you can definitely tell which one is imported and which one came from the landing page. If you have status campaigns for visited landing page or filled out form landing page, you can tell who those members are by clicking on the members link (not the members tab in the program). 

          You can then tell which ones you imported if you added them to a static list first before adding to a program. 
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            Michelle, thank you for your input! A few follow up questions if you have answers:
            1. Status Campaigns - is that something we would have needed to set up with the landing page?
            2. I'm not sure I see a members link, as opposed to the members tab in the program?
            3. Static List - is that different from just importing a CSV file?

            Thank you!
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              Michelle Tiziani
              Hi Alexandra,

              1. & 2. Status campaigns - yes it would be nice so you can see your status progressions in your program. So for example, one of my  programs is a publication trial campaign, and the channel is integrated trial (it has email, and telemarketers as part of the campaign follow up). The statuses are: 
              Clicked (click on link from email to landing page)
              TMK Reached Person
              TMK LVM
              Trial Request (fills out landing page form)
              TMK FU Reached Person
              TMK FU LVM

              I created status campaigns only for the following: Sent, Opened, Clicked and Trial Request.  Everything else happens on SFDC.  When I click on the Status campaign for Trial Request for instance and look at the Summary page, it shows Status:, Qualification Rules:, Created, Last Modified and Members.  When I click on the Members link, I can see all of the people who requested a trial, who filled out the form landing page. 

              3. Did you import directly to a program?  Anyway, you can probably create a smart list member of program, add a filter not visted web page, enter the landing page that you created, and if there's a form on the landing page, not filled out form (name  of form and add constraint the landing page. 

              I hope that helps.