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Munchkin code too slow on IE8 and older

Question asked by 31925 on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by 2039
I've finally convinced our IT team to add Munchkin code to our homepages and it's been a whole new world for about two weeks with all the data we've been collecting. Unfortunately, for IE8 and older the code seems to be making our site very slow (jQuery v1.8.1 - E9, Chrome, and Firefox work fine). To be specific: any script before "createTrackingCookie: function(a)" is working properly but anything after it is taking a long time.

For reference, here's how we've been testing:
1. Save the HTML, Javascript, CSS, and images of the page to our local PC
2. Set up these files on the Apache server of said PC
3. Confirm each process of the Munchkin.js by using the "Return process" between each process.
4. Up until "createTrackingCookie: function(a)" there is no problem, even with characters entered in the search window. After that function, however, IE8 slows down considerably.

We've put in a ticket with Marketo support but haven't heard back. Does anyone have any experience with the Munchkin code slowing down their site in this way or any insight into why this is only happening on IE8 and older? I'm afraid I'm going to lose my code if we can't figure out some insight into this soon...