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    Emails Stuck in "Send Email" State

      We've set up approx. ~7,500 leads to receive 1 email in a campaign. The campaign was scheduled to send right away. The Campaign shows that all leads have been qualified and that the campaign has run as specified. However, none of the emails seem to have gone out. The delay has been in excess of 5 hrs. and we are prepared to send out a new campaign to the same contact list but DO NOT want the email to be sent twice.

      From research on the forum, it seems that once the campaign is set to run, it WILL run through the contacts associated (delays/lags unknown).  Is there ANY way to prevent the campaign from running emails at this point? And if not, what should I expect on timeframe/delivery status for the emails in the exisiting campaign stuck in the "send email" status?

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               5 hours is a long delay for that population - I've only experienced delays of a few minutes with larger populations.

               The best way to see what happened would be to check the "Results" tab of the campaign. It'll let you know if the emails were sent out or what happened.

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            Did you send any other emails to these in the 24 hours prior to sending them today and if so, was that activity logged?
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              ~10hrs. following "Send now" punch on campaign schedule 8/8/13 100% of contacts in Campaign remain in "Send Email" state in "Results" pane. My CRM has associated the email as going out to each contact but Marketo has not confirmed the emails have actually been "sent" or "delivered." No change to email activity type has taken place in Marketo via "Results" pane since launch. I also have not received any reply-tos or OOOs, which is further confirmation that the emails have not yet been delivered as scheduled. 

              Could this be a setup issue? If not, is there anyway to cancel or override the campaign to keep any emails from being sent (ie. so we can create a new campaign to try the blast again without risking sending 2 identical emails to each contact)?

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                Justin you should open a support ticket on this.  It may not be a support issue specifically, but they'll be able to look at specific data related to this and confirm the source of the issue.