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    Reporting on sales person interaction with leads

      Hi everyone, I want to be able to report on sales people's activity with a lead - Specifically wether they have updated the lead status (To something other than "Marketing Qualified") within 24 hours of the lead being created.

      My current solution (Smart list):

      1) Lead was synced with Salesforce in past 24 hours
      2) Lead status is set to "Marketing Qualified"
      3) Data value (Lead status) not changed in past 24 hours.

      I'll then run the report every 24 hours to see the results.

      It's not very elegant though. I want to reference the "Not data value changed" timescale to be "Within 24 hours of sync" however this isn't possible.

      Does anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish the above report, if the current solution doesn't work?
        • Re: Reporting on sales person interaction with leads
          If you're using the Revenue Cycle Modeler, you can apply an SLA of 1 day to leads and then track the overall percentage that violate the SLA over time.  On a macro level this works quite well.

          On the micro level, the best way I've seen is to set up a smart campaign to send an alert if the status isn't changed within 24 hours.  This might go to the salesperson and yourself, and their manager.  This is easier to implement because it behaves more like a stopwatch and the alert creates an action at that moment.  You might also add them to a static list if you want to view over time.