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Accept/Reject Registrants of Web Form

Question asked by 30863 on Jul 24, 2013
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     I've created a landing page with a registration form, for an Event > Roadshow. We're hosting several roadshows globally and are using the landing pages to collect registations. We're validating the registrants manually behind the scenes and would like to (upon changing their member status to Accept/Reject) auto send Accept or Reject emails.

     I've created a Smart Campaign and have the Marketing Flow action set for "Change Program Status" to send an Accept email when status is changed to Accepted, and to send a Reject email when status is changed to Rejected. However it doesn't seem to send a message at all when tested. 

     The training I viewed said that within the Flow options there was a Flow action called "Change Status in Progress" however I don't see this option, hence my using "Change Program Status". 

     Any suggestions are much appreciated!