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    Detecting company change

      Ok not as easy as I make it out to be!

      I'm looking to create a triggered campaign off of a data value change in COMPANY (SFDC ACCOUNT). But here's the kicker, I want to ensure the new value is not just some addition to the previous.

      Here's an example:

      Previous company name = "Company ABC"
      New company name = "Company ABC - Global Account"

      The above i WOULD NOT want to trigger this campaign

      Previous company name = "Company ABC"
      New company name = "Company XYZ"

      The above I WOULD want to trigger this campaign

      Any ideas? I thought the SFDC ACCOUNT NUM field would coorespond to each unique account in salesforce, but it looks like it isn't an automatically populated field.
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          Itay Billet
          Hi Naor, I think that you can achieve this with a SFDC worklow and field update, as I don't think you can use tokens on "previous value" in "data value change" triggers. you''ll have to save somewhere the previous account name in order to compare, this is probably one way:

          First, create a custom field called "prior company name", this field will save the previous account name. then create a workflow on accounts that evaluated whenever a record is changed. the rule criteria should be "ISCHANGED(Name)", the field update rule will be the update of the custom field you created:  PRIORVALUE(Name) 

          In Marketo, create a smart campaign with data value change

          Hope that helps! If there's a simpler way, I'd be interested to hear also;)