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munchkinFunction call of associateLead is not creating leads. How can I debug it?

Question asked by 38394 on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by 2039

I'm using the associateLead JavaScript API to add/update a lead at Marketo. The result is that there no leads are created. There is no response. Status is always 200/OK.

Is there a way to have a look at some logs in order to find what is the problem?

The GET request call is:

The params list is:

                    _mchAtFirstName                     milena1
                    _mchAtLastName                     k
                    _mchHo                     localhost
                    _mchId                     615-ZXM-038
                    _mchKy                     30292249c804c3ae86ae80ea097ef9eb56dc02af
                    _mchNc                     1374692900853
                    _mchPc                     http:
                    _mchPo                     83
                    _mchRu                     /oldformpage
                    _mchTk                     _mch-localhost-1374689099914-81412
                    _mchVr                     134