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Getting Unique known Visitors to Landing Page in List or Report

Question asked by 04ce60872764b9fe0ff5f7ee11bc9720b68065a4 on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by Josh Hill
I built a landing page that is shared by multiple programs, though it resides in a program of its own. For example, I sent several emails to my list, and the Call to Action for one of my segments was to visit this landing page. I'm also using it as a landing page for a direct mail campaign. Again, only one segment is directed to this page. Now, as I'm trying to build smart campaigns to add folks to this program (who have visited this page) I am seeing that 500+ people have visited the page, and of them, at LEAST 66 clicked from an email sent from marketo. So those 66 are known leads (or contacts) and yet when I build my smart list and filter (or trigger) on 'visited web page' and choose this specific landing page, Marketo tells me that 0 (known) people have visited the page. 

In the landing page report, this page shows up has having recorded 500+ visits, and even when I select it inside its program, the report that appears says that the page has been visited 500+ times. There is no form on the page, so I can't filter or trigger on 'fills out form.' I expect to see all known leads/contacts who have visited this page to show up in a report (or smart campaign) that filters on 'visited web page' where web page = this landing page. 

Why aren't I seeing that?

Mark F.