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    What Communications Limits are you setting?

      If you're just logging in today & you have the Select, Enterprise or Engagement AddOn, you now have a new tab in Admin called communications limits. 

      Limits default to 2 a day, 5 a week.  What will you do? Will you keep it at 2 a day 5 a week? Will you allow more or less?

      I have already changed mine to 2 a day (though I considered only allowing 1) and 3 a week (though i considered only allowing 2).

      What are you doing?
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          I'm thinking maybe 1/day and 2/week. Not certain yet.
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            We wrote up a workaround last year using smart lists, this can be used to compare segments by number of emails sent and get a sense of the maximum you want to send:
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              We're going to enact 1/day 2/week to see how it plays out.  Since operational emails don't count, I think that this is the best cadence for now - but maybe even moving to 1/day 1/week model at some point to really cut down on too much noise.
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                It depends.  We would like to have different communication limits for customers and prospects depending on their level of engagement.  But I think that this would require that the Communication Limits support segments.  So we may just use this as a backstop only in our lead nurturing engagement program with a 1/day, 1/week setting.  We'll have to manually manage the rest.
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                  HI Adam,

                  I did the same thing (2/day, 3/week) because I'm in B2B and I don't think that more frequent communications are necessary. Typically, when I receive emails more than 3 times a week from someone, it's either B2C or it's some sort of news bulletin-ish material, which is not what my organization sends out.

                  I can see scenarios where a person could receive 3 emails in a week from my company, but not more that that. I also have more specific restrictions set within certain programs:
                  •           Nurture Campaign (run through the Engagement Engine) runs once every 2 weeks.
                  •           Emails sent by our inside sales team through proprietary call prospecting software are limited to one email every 3 days
                  •           Monthly emails (like the newsletter) go out once a month
                  •           Event emails won't really be affected - invites go out once a week or less and the other emails (confirmation, reminders) are operational
                  So, the main purpose of my communication limits is to ensure that a lead/client doesn't get an event invite, monthly email and a drip campaigns of some sort all in conjunction.

                  Additionally, for our inside sales team, this ensures that a lead doesn't receive too many emails in a week from them as they work accross our various branches and reach out to the same people as they come up in the system.

                  With the way we set up and plan communications, this shouldn't happen anyways, but it's good to know that we have this safety net operating in the background.
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                         Hi Kim,
                         I am setting 2 per day and 4 per week.