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    Automatic Resource Download vs. Thank You Page

      I wanted to see if anyone can reccomend best practices for delivering resource content after a form submit. Currently, we are discussing automatically starting the download on the form submit vs. a thank you page that has a button to download the content.

      Are there any downsides to delivering the PDF after the form submit and not having the lead go to the thank you page?

      Any insight you can share will be greatly appreciated!
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          Hi Dominique:

          We personally like to set it up so that the asset is delivered via email. This has a few purposes:
          •           The email and the resource are in the prospect's inbox if they want to read it later
          •           It familiarizes the prospect with receiving emails from us
          •           People who give fake emails don't get the resource.
          •           Cookie-ing other devices/future visits when they click through the email

               An exception to this is watching on-demand webinars, which are just visible on the thank-you page, but in that situation we still send an email with some value, in most cases being the link to the slide deck for the webinar.

               The thank-you page and thank-you email are also the places that offer enormous value and potential for the leads—they've already been willing to give you their email and information to get one of your resources, and they're in the filling-out-forms mood. This is a good chance to have suggested resource placements, things like "you'd like this one too based on downloading this resource!"

               Having only a PDF as the follow-up can be risky in slowing down a prospect's engagement velocity for that session.

          Edward Unthank
               Marketing Operations Specialist

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            I agree with Edward but I have seen a lot of discussions around the pros and cons of providing the content either way.

            This is a great case for doing some A/B testing to see what works best with your target audience!