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    List import log

      Do you guys know if there is a way I can check what happened during a static list import?

      Ideally something like:

      lead 1: imported
      lead 2: not imported - [reason why]
      lead 3: imported - change data value [field name]
      lead 4: imported - data value blocked [field name]


      Not sure if I'm missing something but when the lead count is less than my original list, I'm exporting to excel and highlighting duplicates to find which leads didn't import. Surely there's a better way to do this?

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          Kimi Heskett
          usually when my import list total is less than my file it was because there were dupes on the import file. I know that didn't answer your question, but sharing my usual culprit. :)
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            Hi Nadia

            When you import a list, it usually brings up a wizard in which you match the name of the field in your list to the standard Marketo list. Once you have gone past this step, (where it tells you which fields are system blocked), it usually imports all the names in the list. 

            I have not come across the format you are looking for unfortunately. But, the field mapping above does the error messages in the data value blocked example. 

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              I'm afraid that getting an error log for list imports is still on the wish list. There's an idea here around audit trails that this idea is part of:

              Please vote for it if you want it!

              Right now I do pretty much what you do - compare the numbers in the list with the final import, then go for a hunt for the "missing" lead data. Annoying.