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    Click through report seems very wrong

      We are hosting a webinar and the only way people could get to the registration page was through our email invite. 

      Email click throughs: 43
      Landing page visits: 299  < -- The only way people could get to the landing page was via the email. 
      Registrants: 144

      Why would there be such a discrepency between email clicks to the registration landing page and visits to the landing page? I have attached screen shots below. Thanks!



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          Hi Carey,

          A couple things to take into consideration:

          1) Do you notice multiple people from the same company registered? It could be possible that the original recipient forwarded the link the email to others in the company. To me, that could be where the 30 acquired by people came from since they couldn't have received the email if they didn't exist when you set it.

          2) The landing page views are not unique. So if someone visited the page multiple times, each visit is added to the total. This includes any visits you and/or your team made to the page when creating, testing etc.
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            We do have a few people that are from the same company, but not enough to explain that big a difference. I just can't wrap my head around how only 43 people would click an email to register, but 144 would be registered. I looked at the list again and it represents about 120 different companies.

            Since this list was sent to existing leads and contacts, most of the people who show up as acquired are actually with changed emails (such as john.smith@xyzcompany.com whose email changed to jsmith@xyzcompany.com). Thanks for the input.
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              I am very new to Marketo, but I had a similar situation with invites and registration. On a smaller scale we are showing  17 registrations and 9 clicked email link. My assesment was that the clicked email link was people that went to the landing page but did not register. I believe that once they move on to register then they are removed from the clicked email link category. I may be wrong, but that was what I thought was happening, otherwise as you said it doesnt make sense. 
              Hope that helps!

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                I've noticed the same thing with my last two email invites. I'm seeing a total of 40 clicks in the email performance report, but we have 291 people registered for the webinar. Bizarre, as I don't remember this having happened in the past. Can anyone from Marketo chime in?
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                  I have also noticed the same issue. Our registrants for a webinar number over 600, but we have 66 click-throughs?