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    Trigger off Account change

           We see lots of movement of leads between accounts/companies.   Leads at some companies are eligible for certain communications from us (based on what we call "Member Status"). 


           I tried to create a trigger campaign based on this "Member Status"  field with Constraints "Previous value" and "New Value."  If  the Member Status of a company changes,  the Marketo campaign correctly subscribes or unsubscribes leads based on our rules.   BUT, if a lead moves from between ineligible and eligible companies, it doesn't work.  


           In the Activity Log I can see something like

           -   Activity Type: Change Data Value

           -   Detail: Changed Account Name from XYZ to ABC  (Account Name is a custom field on Contacts)


           But I can't see the changes to "Company status" - probably because those are fields on the Account…


           Any ideas?