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    Unrecognized error message

      I set up an email to blast.  It has a link to a PDF that I've put in design studio and linked.  But when I preview the email I get the following error message, "Unable to resolve server's DNS address".  I have no idea how to go about fixing.  Can anyone help?
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          In admin - Email - make sure that your Branding Domain and Tracking Links are showing up and are correct.

          You may need to put in a ticket to support or see if your IT dept made any changes to your DNS.
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            Can you see your email if you remove the pdf link? If not, it's not an issue with the pdf link.

            Did you or your admin setup Marketo with CNAME? If so, is that working alright? Can you see landing pages using "View Approved Page" button and "Preview Page"?

            If you're using Marketo from company's internal network, try using from non-company internal network. I'm having a similar problem when previewing my emails from my company internal network because our company's internal DNS does not contain information on the CNAME I've setup on Marketo.