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Global Unsubscribe / Using new system tokens ViewAsWebpage & Unsubscribe Link

Question asked by 6779 on Jul 28, 2013
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I haven't yet seen best practices for using the new system tokens. I wanted to start a thread where we could share how we are going to implement this new feature.

When I arrived at Planon in early 2011, it was one of my first tasks to remove the Unsubscribe from the system and manage the process myself. It was very important that we had unsubscribes be regionally based and not just one system wide english text. 

Now that Marketo has released the two new system tokens. {{system.unsubscribeLink}}  {{system.viewAsWebpageLink}}  and theoretically also {{system.forwardToFriendLink}}

First I had to find out the default values for unsusbcribe. Now I'm going to redesign my templates to use 6 small icons at the top right of the email, F2F + VaW at the top along with 4 social links, with unsubscribe at the bottom. 

Has anyone done anything with these yet? Anyone had any problems? I want to link to a single dynamic landing page which is global. I'll need to include in the link the segmentation, has anyone had a problem with that and the mkt_tok code?