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    Reporting PDF downloads

      I'd like to create a report that will report on the # of downloads per PDF. For example:

      xxx1.pdf -- 30 views
      xxx2.pdf -- 50 views

      PDFs can be downloaded either from Email clicks or clicks on a landing page.

      Any way to do this?

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          Jenn DiMaria
          Hi Sid,

          Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of would be to generate a Smart List for each PDF in your Lead Database.  Then your list itself would look something like this:


          The Link could be "is" or "contains" depending on the depth of reporting you want.

          You'd need to do the same type of thing for each landing page.

          It doesn't pull everything up in one report, but should at least pull up the number of clicks and who acted.
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                 Sid, another way would be to track each asset at the program or campaign level.

                 You could set up a program for each one of your assets and draft members into that program once they've downloaded the PDF in question.

                 Then, you'd set up a program performance report in the Analytics section and easily report on the viewership of each program/PDF.

                 Customize your program progression statuses by customizing the tags for your respective program.

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              Michelle Tiziani
              Hi Chalie,

              That's a great suggestion.  So if part of my status progression is download report, what's the easiest way to get that to work? I tried creating a status campaign that tracks the PDF download from the landing page, but I can't even get the URL to populate for the PDF, or it doesn't recognize the PDF link for it.  Or am I going about this the wrong way?  I tried Jenn's suggestion above too, but I couldn't get it to work. 
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                Michelle, the best way is to probably create a campaign triggered by Visits web page contains "name.pdf" and have the flow step by change program progression to "downloaded" or whatever status you want for PDF viewers.
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                  Michelle Tiziani
                  Thanks Charlie,  I followed your suggestion and had a few people test and click  the PDF file but the click stats are not appearing on either the smart list or status trigger campaign.  So I'll try to reach out to support.  
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                    Alternatively, if your PDFs are gated, you could have the form be the trigger.
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                      Great suggestions, all. I think I can figure it out from here. I'll post the results when done (will be in about a week - going on vacation).