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    Outlook Plug in

      I'm looking to install the Outlook Plugin and wondering what other peoples experiences have been.
      •           Why did you decided to use the Outlook plugin?
      •           Are you able to get the sales team to use the tracking function?
      •           What kind of value has adding the plugin provided for your team?
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          Hi Esther,

          Here's some feedback from our inside sales team who pre-qualify records before handing over to outside sales:
          •           Marketo outlook plugin allows you to track and score opens and clicks for emails sent from sales. It also allows Marketing to customize email templates based on messaging and offers.
          •           Yes, we can get a majority of the sales team to use it, but some forget at times and will send emails using salesforce.
          •           It's very easy to pull the overall email analytics the sales team is sending only to identify which messages and offers are engaging prospects.
          The key thing is to train the sales team on how to use the tool in order to fully optimize it. Also, I believe the plugin doesn't work for Mac users, but you might want to double check with support.

          Hope this help.
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            Our market development (telemarketing) team uses Marketo programs to automate their process and those programs are dependent on tracking sales email sends, opens and clicks, so they are totally on-board with this.  The sales team also values the availability of Sales Insight templates about new features, case studies, events etc., and the visibility they gain into sends,opens and clicks.  In addition, they use the Log with Marketo function to keep a central record of the sales emails they receive from their prospects.  Plus whenever a recipient clicks a link in a sales email, it helps ensure that they have a cookie, so the sales team can be alerted to website visits.  The only group that we haven't had full and enthusiastic usage of the add-in is our customer success team.  The difference is really due to the buy-in of their respective management teams, but I continue to evangelize to the customer success team and am slowly making progress.
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              Hi Michelle and Elliott,

              Thanks for the guidance and feedback. I'm looking forward to rolling this out and follow up with any of our successes with the plugin!

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                As a follow up, do you score lead interactions from the sales email (as a result of the plug in) higher or the same as a general lead nurturing email open and click?