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    Engagement Program: can we skip cadence?

    Cecile Maindron


           I really like the engagement program dashboard (see below) . However for the program I have in mind,  I don't want to have a cadence stream or to be more precise I don't want to have a set gap between each campaigns or to send my campaigns on random dates. I want to send each of my campaigns on specific dates (e.g September, 17, October, 8 etc.) Ist it possible with engagement program?
      Recap of my case:
           one program
           a series of campaigns
           a static audience which will receive all campaigns in same specific order
           set launch dates
           a need for a dashboard view


           Cécile @ Talend


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               Great use case to get the dashboard even if its not a perfect fit for the module.

               I haven't tested this, but I think you could set your cadence for daily and then limit each email to the specific date you want it sent.  The one catch might be how leads get pulled back in when they've exhausted the content.

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            Adam wrote an article on how to randomize the send dates at http://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PfgdAAC .The same principle can be used to set specific dates.

            Another idea is to set the engagement stream cadance to daily and set the availability of the campaigns/emails on only 1 single date and move them to the top of the stream (highest importance). This way on those specific dates your selected mailings will go out.