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    Tracking activity via buttons

      Hi ... I am building an email blast and including a button for folks to sign-up to our newsletter.

      Is there a way to set up this button up so that those who click on it, do not have to fill out a form (which I would orginially do) and with just a click get signed up? 

      Alternatively if I create a form, what's the best practice around managing those who sign up? I am familar with the 'send alert' campaign but need a little guidance around the rest. 

      Thank you. 
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          Hey Carla,

          You sure can! You need to create a landing page that is the confirmation, so when they click the hyperlink, they go straight to that page. Then, your campaign will have a smart list of "Clicked Link in Email is *whatever the link is*. Then, in your flow steps, you can add them to a list, or a program/campaign, or wherever you are housing these folks. 

          When someone signs up for anything with us, we always add them to a static "Registration List". Then, we will add an Interesting Moment, update their detailed source if they are new, send a confirmation email to the Lead, as well as send an alert to select members of the Marketing Team. But it just depends on what you are looking to do!
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            We use something similar to Jeff's approach with two caveats:

            1.  I always use tokens to include the name and address of the person I'm sending the email to.  Otherwise, if the email is forwarded the wrong person will be added to the list.

            2.  I also include a link to a similar landing page, but including a form--specifically for those who recieve the email after being forwarded.

            An example snipped from a webinar registration is below (its an image--links don't work):