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Form validation not working non-Marketo page

Question asked by 11631 on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by 13687
Well I've searched all through the community here and racked my brain trying to figure this out, but I'm at a loss. I have a very simple Marketo form (email only) on a teaser page of a subdomain and it will not validate. I've placed lots of Marketo forms on pages of my main site and have never had a problem, so I think there may be some sort of conflict with the WP theme on this subdomain.

Here is the teaser page and form:

Note that if you click submit it goes through with no validation. Obviously it wouldn't give the field required message since there is some default text in there, but it should give the "not a valid email" message and stop the submit from going through.

As far as I can tell I've implimented this form exactly as described on this article:

Like I said, I've done this before on many other pages of my current site. It is also a WP site, but with a different theme, which is why the only thought I have is that there is some sort of conflict. Here is an example of a form on the current site that validates as expected:

Anybody have any ideas what the conflict is or what I've done wrong?