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    How do you track MQL's?

      We have been tracking MQL's using change in prospect stage, but amended this method due to Marketo's data archive process. So I wanted to pose this question to the community: How are you tracking MQL's? What's the best way?

      Our old method:
      Analytics Report - Track leads created in all time, grouped by created date. Smart list includes only leads whose Prospect Stage was changed to MQL from a value other than MQL in the past month.

      The above data is archived (for the most part) after 90 days so we lose a lot of historical data.

      New method:
      I created a new field called "Most Recent MQL Date." When a lead goes through the Create MQL lead routing campaign, this field is set to {{system.date}}

      Analytics report - Track leads created in all time, grouped by Most Recent MQL date.

      This has only been running a few months, so historical data is lost.

      Curious if anyone is running an alternative tracking method!
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          We do something very similar to your new method. We have a "MQL Threshold Crossed" field, and that gets updated with {{system.Date}} when the MQL campaign runs. We've been using this method for the past 6 months, and it works well for us. There was a painful period while we were switching over in which we had to find workarounds to pull the data (things like "score changed from less than MQL to more than MQL").