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    Custom Fields with dropdown choices

    John McClellan
      Hello Community,

      I am looking to create some custom fields to designate the specific business unit the lead does business with.
      Is there a way to create a custom field with pre-determined choices in a drop box?
      So when I look at a lead and want to choose the business unit, there is only so many to choose from?

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          Hey John,

          This can go a couple of ways. You can create the field in SFDC and have it sync over to Marketo. When you do this, the values you have in SFDC will be in the dropdown on the Marketo side. You can still put whatever you like, but it provides guidelines. This is the best way in my opinion. The other option is to create the field in Marketo, and then change the type on any form the field may appear on. You can control what is entered into that field this way. But when you are referencing that field somewhere else, you have to search for values opposed to using a drop down.
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            Hi John,

            My company typically uses the method Jeff mentioned second. We create a string field in Marketo and then make it a drop down whenever we use it in forms.

            This way, you can control the input, but still maintain control. It makes it so that you could use certain business units on one form and others on another. You can also add and change the business units easily.

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              John McClellan
              Thanks for the help!