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Firebugs shows an error message about Munchkin

Question asked by e2c6891c96a78f5c025cae6725b1f02b5ba2bde4 on Aug 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by 60e6f8da0efa53fa5621e91dbe6c8e1848745cfc

     Could anyone help me ?

     I happened to find an error message when running our landing page on Firefox + Firebug.

     ・The error message appears in Firebug's console window when the Landing page is loaded.

      The error message is "ReferenceError:Munchkin is not defined"

     ・It appears on instance for released environment, but not on sandbox

     ・I tried other browser.
            An error message "SCRIPT5009:"munchkin" is not defined" appeared.

        -IE8,Google Chrome 
              No error massage appeared

     Is there anithing I have to worry about this error message?
     Am I forgetting something to set up?
     I have checked the other supposed actions.
     They have been work well. 
      -Send Email,Send Alert → both e-mail and alert e-mail arrived
      -Change Data Value, Change Score → I checked "Activity Log"