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SP_Send_Alert_Info not relevant enough - what else?

Question asked by 12026 on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by f0e39c9f6d91ad4e134899bbe075d430dd99490e
Hi there, 

I'm trying to set up alerts ('send alert', using {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token) so that our account managers and sales reps get alerted when a prospect or client downloads a brochure on our website, attends an event, etc... 

The problem with the current 
{{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token is that it is not relevant enough - the 'Campaign' information is cryptic (eg. Behavioural.Event Engagement).

What I would like instead is the exact name of the brochure that was downloaded, perhaps even a link to it, or the exact name of the event that was attended. 

Be great to hear from people who managed to make it work.