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    SP_Send_Alert_Info not relevant enough - what else?

      Hi there, 

      I'm trying to set up alerts ('send alert', using {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token) so that our account managers and sales reps get alerted when a prospect or client downloads a brochure on our website, attends an event, etc... 

      The problem with the current 
      {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token is that it is not relevant enough - the 'Campaign' information is cryptic (eg. Behavioural.Event Engagement).

      What I would like instead is the exact name of the brochure that was downloaded, perhaps even a link to it, or the exact name of the event that was attended. 

      Be great to hear from people who managed to make it work.


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          We use that token in our behavioral alerts as well, but we supplement it with other tokens (e.g. token for a field where we store the name of the latest download, my token with event name, etc.).
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            Here is an example of one of the alerts I have in my engagement programs. It uses many more tokens than just the Send Alert Info.

            Hi there,

            We have successfully moved this person into the Engagement Stream - In Dynamics CRM

            What do I do if this was in error? Check the transition rules, what makes someone move to this stream and find out why they fulfilled those requirements (ie check CRM). You can also check their activity log. 

            Company = {{company.Company Name:default=unknown}}
            Full Name = {{lead.Full Name:default=unknown}}
                 First Name = {{lead.First Name:default=unknown}}

            Last Name = {{lead.Last Name:default=unknown}}
            Email Address = {{lead.Email Address}}

            Phone Number = {{lead.Phone Number:default=unknown}}
            Country = {{company.Country:default=unknown}}
                 Account Type = {{lead.Account Type:default=empty}}

            MS CRM Link = {{lead.MS CRM Lead Link:default=not synced to crm}}
                 MS CRM Contact ID = {{lead.MS CRM Contact ID:default=this is not a contact in crm}}

            Owner Name = {{lead.Lead Owner First Name CRM:default=not}} {{lead.Lead Owner Last Name CRM:default=synced}} at {{lead.Lead Owner Email Address CRM}} or {{lead.Lead Owner Phone Number CRM}}

            - Planon Engagement Stream Notifier


            What we know: Or think we know

            Industry: {{company.Industry}}

            Job Title: {{lead.Job Title}}
                 Job Level: {{lead.Job Level}}
                 Job Function: {{lead.Job Function}}
                 Case Study:{{lead.Case Study Name}}
                 Product Literature: {{lead.Product Literature Name}}
                 White Paper: {{lead.White Paper Name}}

                 Webinar On-Demand: {{lead.Watched Webinar Name}}
                 Webinar Attended: {{lead.Attended Webinar Name}}
                 Event Attended: {{lead.Attended Event Name}}


            Campaign Influences - Emails the lead has clicked or opened.
            {{lead.Campaign Influences}}


            Source History - Everytime a tracked link with utm_source, etc is used to then fill out the form, it will show up here. 


            System Info - Useful for diagnosing errors if there's need.

            dateTime: {{system.dateTime}}
                 Trigger: {{trigger.name}}
                 Trigger Name: {{trigger.trigger name}}
                 Campaign ID: {{campaign.id}}
                 Campaign Name: {{campaign.name}}
                 Campaign Description: {{campaign.description}}


            Click Stream - If this lead allows tracking, these are the pages they've been to in reverse order, the most recent is the first one you will read.
                 {{lead.Z Click Stream}}

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              Adam, I assume that your 'Click Stream', 'Campaign Influences' and 'Source History' are all custom fields?? Can you describe at all how you have those setup? Thanks.