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    all activity history for a company

      is there a way to see all interesting leads for an entire account?

      for example, my boss remembers seeing something a while ago on the ACME INC page but since I sent out a new email campaign today, he no longer sees it and can't remember which lead it was related to. 

      where can i find past activity for that company so that i don't have to go through every single lead in the company?
      Is there a way to adjust settings for this for Sales Insight?
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          Hi Miro,

          You can create a smart list with theses filters:
          Company Name is ACME
          Had Interesting Moment is Email & put a date range for today.

          Then go to the Leads tabs and add a field for last interesting moment.desc.

          Hope this helps.
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            Thanks, but I want to see MORE than just the last interesting moment. I assume this means then I still have to click on every individual lead to see their Activity Log. This is not very efficient.

            Perhaps more importantly, is there a way to increase the number of last interesting moments show in Salesforce/Sales Insight?