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    "Request Campaign" is not triggering flow

    Cheral Jansen
      I had a batch campaign that I ran to send an invitation to an event (and resend after a defined interval), and update program and SFDC campaign status. After this had run, our telemarketing team asked if they could (a) add new leads they are referred to during their calls to the invitation list and (b) resend the invitation since during their follow-up calling some leads didn't remember seeing the invitation.

      I added two "Campaign is Requested" triggers to my batch campaign
      - one with Source= Sales Insight (for telemarketers to add a new lead to the campaign via Sales Insight 
      - one with Source=Marketo Flow Action (for adding individual leads to the campaign)

      The "Request Campaign" is happening correctly as I see this in a lead's activity log, but the flow of the original campaign is not being triggered and they are not being send any email. 

      Why would this be? Could it be because the new leads don't match the filters that are on the campaign?

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          The smart campaign's smart list filters will prevent a lead from running through the flow even if the smart campaign is requested.  Have you checked the filters against those leads that are not running through the flow?  Perhaps you can post a screen shot of the smart campaign's filters if you need additional help with this.