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Send Alert from Marketo to a specific member in an Account team in SFDC

Question asked by 43c328697cf8cf72c1a05111b20d46053927527a on Aug 14, 2013
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We are just in the process of implementing Marketo and I have a question. In our SFDC instance we are currently implementing,  the record owner (Existing accounts - not Leads) is a system user and instead we are using the Account team where there are multiple roles because we are implementing accross multiple companies within our concern. Therefore we can have multiple sales reps working on the same account from different companies. Now when I run a specific campaign for company X I would like to send an alert to the sales rep in company X and not the sales Rep in company Y. They are both in the account team for the customer but with different roles.

We are fairly new to Marketo so is there  Anyone who knows whether this is possible??

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